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Cottage Canines is a one-stop shop for dog breeders covering all areas of Yorkshire

Stud Service

Wanting to mate your female Border Collie or Pekingese? Stud dogs Zig and Wilfred are at your service. If your bitch is of a different breed, the studs will still be happy to oblige! The mating process takes place under supervision at Cottage Kennels.

Zig is a handsome pure-bred Border Collie with KC registration. He is genetically clear of NCL, IGS, GGD and TNS. So far his offspring have come out black-and-white and completely adorable.

Wilfred is a KC registered purebred Pekingese with a beautiful long brown coat. He’s a healthy young male typical of his breed.


It can be a mission to load a whole litter into the car and take them to the vet for chipping. Luckily there’s another option: call Lisa! She’s trained in microchipping and has the equipment. Best of all, she’ll come to you.

Ultrasound Scanning

Lisa is trained in canine ultrasound scanning and has her own scanner. A scan can confirm a pregnancy quite soon after mating. It’s ideal to find out as soon as possible if your bitch is in pup, as then you can ensure she receives appropriate care.
Compared to scans done in veterinary surgeries, Cottage Canines’ price is extremely competitive. AND, your dog will be able to have her scan in the comfort of her own home.

Whelping Advice and/or Service

It can be scary when your dog has her first litter. It helps to know if things are going as expected, or if it’s time to call in a vet. Take advantage of Lisa’s many years of experience with whelping.
Lisa can advise you over the phone, or even come in person if time permits.
Cottage Canines have birthing facilities for dogs and will be happy to look after your bitch while she whelps. If you wish, they can also look after mother and pups in the weeks following the birth.
Need whelping supplies? You can purchase these from Cottage Canines too.
We stock:
Whelping collars, puppy food, crates, food bowls, leads